About the Artist

Adam is an Artist and Designer based in New York City. He works in pen, ink, oil, acrylic, and other mixed media. He grew up 4 hours north of New York City near the town Ithaca. There he developed a deep connection to nature. Adams father, who was a carpenter, taught him both furniture making and wood carving techniques. He spent most of his childhood in rural settings, where he often found himself lost in the woods, on lakes, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors.

As a result, he developed a fascination with the textures and patterns of our natural world . With an emphasis on line and, rhythm and color (or lack there of) Adam is am interested in all of the patterns found in nature and their connection to our emotions and experiences in abstract and literal ways. We all have connections to the patterns of nature: a grain of wood, the stars in the sky, or the ripples of water on a pond. These patterns recall memories, feelings and experiences. By exploring the connections between natures patterns in Adam strives to create new worlds through his art for people to explore.





Greenpoint, Brooklyn


+1 717 576 9633