I am an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. I have degrees in Design, Design Management, Art and Political Science.

I am interested in creating landscapes of the human emotional experience in it's relation to nature through the transformation of architectual spaces and large scale paintings and drawings.

I make art in order to explore the tension between the self and the natural world. Having grown up in the country, and now residing in the city, I've felt a massive divide between myself and the world. My work is a meditation on patterns found in nature and an attempt to return to it. Sometimes, things are harmonious and other times they are anything but. 

I begin each piece with an idea about a natural pattern i want to repeat. The result is always an unpredictable one, born from the tension between my own thoughts and feelings and the piece of the world I am trying to return to. Many of these works also relate to my relationships with other people as they exist within the world and outside of my own personal self. 

You can follow me on Instagram here: @adamzoltowski.art





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